Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bit More Comments, Bit More Music

Once again, I'd like to thank all my followers, visitors, and commenters. This blog is growing fast, and it's all thanks to you guys! You guys really seemed to enjoy the two songs I linked yesterday, and I'll try to keep linking things you may or may not have heard before.

Now, to address a few comments: (probably going to be a theme here)

Zephyr, over at his gaming blog says:

"Love that dubstep, you into DnB at all? "

I haven't really listened to much dnb to be honest, but mainly because it's not very big where I come from, and neither is dubstep. Because of that, both of these are pretty new to me, and I'm just "discovering" them now. If any of you guys have anything you particularly think I should check out, let me know in the comments!

Then, Zoe!, over at this blog says:

Have you heard the song for the trailer to A Serbian Film? Look it up, it's really good.

Well Zoe, I went to check this out, and listened to a soundtrack vid that was up on youtube. Good stuff, but then I found myself listening to a review of the movie itself. Apparently it's an extremely messed up movie, not quite sure how I hadn't heard of it. Perhaps some of my readers would enjoy it? ;)

Finally we have this..gem of a comment from the man over at Fascist for Fasion:

"Do you listen to raw satanic antikosmic black metals? "

Can't say that I do Fascist, sorry to disappoint. But you did get an honorable mention, so guys, be sure to head on over to his blog for some studly pics of him. In his words: "contain your orgasms".

Check out his site for more.

Now, as a last word. I noticed several of the commenters caught onto a bit about Country music in my last post. To explain a little, I have to say, I dislike probably 99.9% of country. But there are a few songs that just happen to hit so hard when I'm in the right mood, or sitting alone in a room. This is one of them:

Some of you may prefer the heavier and more ominous original by Nine Inch Nails, seen here:

And that's all for today guys, feel free to drop me a comment, and possibly be featured in future blog posts.


  1. Saw NiN live last summer, was amazing.

  2. yeah I don't like country either. nine inch nails is cool, though.

  3. Johnny cash is the one exception to my dislike of country.

  4. I hate country, but love me some Johnny Cash. And honestly, I even prefer his version of Hurt over NIN's.

    Also, yes. A Serbian Film is, without a doubt, the most fucked up movie I have ever seen.

  5. Nine Inch Nails is top notch, nice post

  6. I love the Johnny Cash cover, its so sad to me though :(

  7. love j. cash!

  8. Thanks for the shoutout mang! Johnny Cash is the shit. Check out Hank Williams 3 if you're into getting fucked up and dying and worshipping Satan

  9. Hey Erasmus, I made a shout out on my blog to you answering your question. Love your music. I am listening to the dubstep at work right now. thanks!

  10. Johnny's Cover is raw.


  11. Ah good shit, all really good songs. Johnny is pretty much thug. Except he's white.. awkward..

  12. Songs are alright I suppose :L