Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Bit More On Winter Carnival

As you guys seemed to enjoy the pictures yesterday, I decided to address a few comments, as well as share with you some more pictures. (much better ones imo) It was a bit ironic that the actual university website had some of the worst pictures out there, but regardless, I've been able to find some better pictures with a bit more searching. (although a couple do have an annoying watermark) Anyways, enough introduction, time to address a few comments, then show you guys those pictures I'm rambling on about.

Zepdragon, over at The Pool of Life, comments:

"Very cool. I've seen some others before way back. Where are you from Erasmus? I have a friend in Switzerland that has told me a lot about what they have called "Carnival". Was wondering if it's the same thing lol."

Well Zep, afraid not. While this tradition might have originated from something over in Europe (heavy Finnish influences around here), it has no relation to a Swiss "Carnival" afaik. As to where I'm from, this picture should best explain.

Yep. Right at that little point. It's a prime areas for snow, meaning a prime area for these snow statues. If you're a numbers guy; We average 220 inches of snow a year, and the record is 355.90 inches. That's a lot of snow.

Meisefelix over at Enhance Your Life ponders:

"wonder how long it took to make those sculptures"

Well, that depends. I don't know exact amount of hours, but there are two different competitions. One is the month long build, and that's where the largest and most elaborate sculptures originate. The simpler ones are made in the "all nighter", so they're literally built in I believe 12 hours at most.

Enough talk, here's some more impressive ones to look at:

(damn trademarks)

Hope you guys enjoyed, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. USA! USA!

    If anyone wants the REAL news follow me

  2. Wow, awesome pics!!! Do you go to winter carnival or what?

    Also, I figured I will let you know, that ellie goulding starry eyed song is awesome and i have been showing all my friends! So I put up a song on my blog, somewhat inspired by you! Check it out!!11!

  3. Those are really cool snow sculptures!

  4. Very impressed with the sculptures, one knock and it's over! Pure patience. Keep up the good posts